Client Background

Mahjong King Pte Ltd is an automatic mahjong table distributor in Singapore that’s founded by 2 respectable mahjong enthusiasts. Despite their late entry into the market, with a product that’s already existed for years, the mahjong table sellers were determined to turn their existing sideline income and passion into a profitable and professional business. The partners pointed out that the industry was missing an outstanding brand name, which is ultimately what spurred them to take the plunge.

Ignitive began discussing the various points of differentiation that Mahjong King was hiding under their belt. The team learned that the client’s unique selling point was their upgraded motors and their strong technical support, leading the team to believe that reliability was the client’s strong-suit. The client also mentioned that they wanted to brand themselves as a more premium alternative in the market, targeting mahjong enthusiasts who had high disposable income.

The client’s marketing strategy revolved vastly around online advertising. Ignitive’s recommendation of utilising SEO and social media marketing was well-received by the client. Within the next hour, the mahjong kings were sold.

Corporate Brand Identity (Logo Design)

As a new start-up, Mahjong King had no prior website and no existing brand name. Ignitive got to work with a logo design proposal, implementing elements of simplicity and minimalism to cater to their targeted demographic.

The client adored the idea of a flat design; an elegant logo that’s easy for consumers to remember and recall from their subconscious. Elements of gold and the tile-shaped structure were taken into consideration.

The final design was sent out, featuring the “wang” Chinese character (which translates into the word “King”), with a crown to signify a sense of royalty and exclusivity, with the intention of appealing to the target market that possesses higher disposable income. With the logo approved, Ignitive proceeded to work on the web design’s layout.

Web Design Solutions

After learning about our client’s struggles and reservations, Ignitive decided to propose a one-page layout for the homepage to optimise conversions. The nature of Mahjong King’s business revolved vastly around its one-and-only product, which led the team to believe that a more streamlined e-Commerce web design would be the perfect solution.

The website’s design would resemble a strategic landing page. Users would first be greeted by a large header with the caption of “Superior automatic mahjong tables”, leaving them with an explosive first impression and encouraging them to explore the contents underneath the fold.

They would then scroll down and be immersed by the benefits and unique selling points of choosing Mahjong King’s automatic mahjong tables. After which, users would be guided down to the product itself with the first call to action, prompting users to either find out purchase one instantly or to find out more information about it.

The following section includes testimonials from customers who have previously purchased automatic mahjong tables during their soft launch. A blog was also included in the website’s design for content marketing and search engine optimisation purposes. The web design’s final section comprises of a simple contact form with minimal fields to encourage more e-mail enquiries.

With the homepage’s design approved, Ignitive moved on towards creating the remaining pages – an about page, a shopping page that behaves as another landing page, a blog, and a standalone contact page.

Each individual page was given its own unique call-to-action, prompting users to either make enquiries or book appointments to visit the client’s showroom. Google Maps was embedded into the contact page to give users directions to the showroom, which resulted in a significant increase in walk-in visitors. The shopping page was carefully crafted to optimise conversions through the usage of images, video, and compelling copy.

The results of the overall web design was astounding, exceeding the expectations of our client. Mahjong King reported a revenue stream of over $10,000 within its first 2 months of operations, allowing them to not only break-even much faster than expected, but also turn a decent profit.

Search Engine Optimisation Solutions

The client was receptive to Ignitive’s proposal to tackle SEO as early as possible. Ignitive’s first step was to research strategic keywords to target in order to diversify the strategy. It was discovered that the keyword “mahjong table” garnered the highest search volume per month, which explains the reason why it became the main keyword to target. Several other keywords were included into the mix.

Upon approval, Ignitive began generating creative content ideas and getting in touch with local blog networks and publishers. Each piece of content was strategically written with the perfect keyword density and meta data before publication. Relevant and aesthetic images were included in each piece of content as well. Simultaneously, the SEO team embarked on a comprehensive link-building strategy with the purpose of optimising for local searches.

After a short period of 2 months, Mahjong King found themselves on the first page of Google for its main keyword, “mahjong tables”, a keyword group that garners over a thousand searches per month. This ultimately translated into a steady stream of enquiries and showroom visits. They’ve even managed to be discovered by individuals overseas, receive corporate enquiries, and gain traction in overseas markets such as Indonesia. Naturally, the client was absolutely elated with the results.

Ignitive did a fantastic job. To be honest, we’re not easy to please. We had a lot at stake, and every tiny detail matters to us. But the guys at Ignitive were accommodative to every request. They were patient enough to breakdown and explain everything we needed to know about SEO and web design technicalities, and delivered exceptional results. If you need a web design agency that’s quick on their feet and is able to conceptualise what you want and what you asked for, then you cannot go wrong with Ignitive.
 – Kind words from Mahjong King

Ignitive successfully created a conversion-optimised and search engine-optimised web design for Mahjong King. The team continues to work with the client to maintain its search engine rankings and attain the number one spot for the keyword “mahjong tables”.

If you like the work that we did for Mahjong King Pte Ltd, be sure to redeem a free 1-hour consultation with Ignitive’s web design and SEO specialists!