Client Background:

El Print Pte Ltd is a t-shirt printing company in Singapore that’s owned by a local couple. Their services comprise of t-shirt printing and more recently ventured into other forms of printing and customisation as well. The two partners needed a point of differentiation to set themselves apart from the saturated market.

Discussions with the owners began as we explored potential unique selling points to appeal to their targeted audience. The Ignitive team conducted some research on successful t-shirt printing companies across the world, and found that one of them had integrated an online t-shirt designing platform into their website. This unique software allowed potential customers to design their own t-shirts right off the bat. The team recommended this solution to El Print, who were excited about the idea, but concerned about the expensive prices for a custom-built software. Ignitive sourced for an off-shelf system that performed the same functions at a fraction of the initial cost.

With all of the client’s concerns resolved, the project got its stamp of approval and the Ignitive team got cracking.

Web Design Solutions

Prior to the new website’s design, Ignitive learned that the client was utilising a one-page format website, which was unable to display large amounts of information. The team also found out that a quotation system needed to be implemented in an effort to prevent the client’s prices from being displayed. There was also a need to create a design featuring El Print’s colours – red, white, and grey.

Ignitive made the informed decision to modify the existing e-commerce platform and convert it into a quotation-based system, allowing El Print the ability to issue quotations instead of displaying their prices. In accompaniment with the t-shirt design tool, El Print was ready to stomp the competition.

El Print’s website was designed to provide audiences with all the information they needed to create their own designs and keep them lurking around for as long as possible. Crucial information was highlighted through the strategic use of carefully designed slider images, positioning El Print as the preferred choice for the YouTube community. Order instructions and catalog information was displayed above-the-fold to encourage users to adopt the new online t-shirt designer.

Search Engine Optimisation

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With the new layout unrolled, El Print needed fresh content to present the company from a light of professionalism, and also for search engine optimisation purposes. Their ‘About’ page was re-written and several other informational pages were added, including one about the various printing methods, techniques to minimise printing costs, an FAQ page, and other bits of juicy and useful content. Each piece of content was intentionally designed to reaffirm trust between the company and its customers, and establish transparency between them.

The team went the distance to create customised banners and web images to facilitate these new pages and improve the overall flow of the site.


The results of Ignitive’s efforts did not fall short of El Print’s expectations. Since its inception approximately 6 months ago, the website alone has assisted the client in processing almost a thousand orders.

Thank you for the excellent work. The web design solutions provided have helped to scale the company and move several steps forward. Ignitive has been an absolute joy to work with. They are truly dedicated to what they do. I’ll also take this chance to commend their excellent after-sales service. My requests for sudden changes are always fulfilled within 24 hours! Highly recommend their services for anything web-related.
– Kelvin Tan, El Print Pte Ltd Managing Director 

Ignitive managed to research, design, and develop custom-tailored web design solutions for El Print at much lower costs in comparison to other companies who quoted them. Ignitive and El Print continue to work together to maintain and make updates to the website. They’ve also recently engaged the team to take on another project, but that’s a surprise for another day.

If you’re a fan of the work that we’ve done for El Print Pte Ltd, be sure to send us a message and redeem your free 1-hour consultation with our web design and content creation specialists!