Client Background

Mr. Chauffeur Limousine & Concierge is an established limousine and luxury vehicles provider in Singapore. The company is founded by Zeke, a local entrepreneur with a determined spirit and a strong network in the industry. Mr. Chauffeur Limousine & Concierge initially had a website of their own, but its unprofessional look and image wasn’t representative of the quality and services that they provide. In an effort to improve the company’s overall impression, Zeke tasked Ignitive to position Mr. Chauffeur with a more corporate and professional appearance.

From the brief that was given, it was understood that the company was intending to approach digital marketing more seriously, particularly in SEO and social media. Ignitive also realised that Mr. Chauffeur was struggling in both areas. They were operating without a compelling and impressionable logo and their website’s URL had the indication of their brand name. With these issues highlighted, Ignitive made the informed recommendation to register a new domain name, create a fresh and minimalistic logo, and a mobile-responsive website complete with an automated booking form.

Zeke agreed that this was the best approach for his business, and signaled his approval for the team to get to work.

Logo Design Solutions

The client’s initial approach can be described to be the traditional method of doing business; get yourself registered, and start scouring for clients. Needless to say, while this strategy might have worked maybe 20 years ago, the landscape of creating a successful business has become much harder to navigate.

We got started with a few sketches of potential logos that will create a lasting impact on Mr. Chauffeur’s target audience. We kept things as simple and straight forward as possible, producing a few variations of different concepts. The client felt more passionate about a rounded design that resembled his dedication to customer service, which is what led us to produce this minimalistic logo.

Business Card Design

With the logo approved and ready, the Ignitive team began working on the design for the client’s business cards. Mr. Chauffeur was in need of two different variations – one for generic purposes, and one for corporate presentation. In order to appeal to the client’s intended demographic, the business card’s design was kept simple but professional.

The careful choice of font represented the client’s sophistication and steadfastness; symbolising reliability and dependability. The front of the business cards were standardised throughout to present a uniformed identity. Careful use of whitespace was integrated to present the information in a clear and concise manner.

With the business cards in order, the team was ready to get their hands dirty with the production of the client’s full website.

Web Design Solutions

Taking Mr. Chauffeur’s industry into careful consideration, the creative team recommended the registration of a “.sg” domain as opposed to a .com. This would provide the client with the added advantage of being able to optimise his website for local searches. With the client’s domain and hosting settled, Ignitive began creating a few wireframe variations and recommend the most optimal layouts from the perspective of user experience.

The final design features a strong call-to-action above the fold, prompting the site’s visitors to make a booking instantly. After which, audiences will be presented with the available services, vehicle options, and prices. Real testimonials were included just above the footer of the page to establish a greater sense of social proof with one last final call-to-action.

An FAQ page was embedded into the website, along with the client’s about page, booking form, and an additional contact form for general enquiries. The overall layout of the website was designed to maximise conversions, which is the element that actually drives sales.

With the website’s design completed, Ignitive began optimising the site’s title tags and meta descriptions for search engines to index properly and award the site with better Google rankings. Since Mr. Chauffeur was interested in diving into SEO in the future, on-site optimisation was most definitely a significant service that needed to be rendered.


After a vigorous period of testing, the website was ready to be launched and handed off to the client. Zeke was elated with the results and excited about what was in store for his business. He had this to say:

Awesome job, prompt response, and very easy to work with. Appreciate your effectiveness! Got another friend who’s interested as well, will recommend him to you soon.
– Zeke, Mr. Chauffeur Limousine & Concierge

Ignitive continues to work closely with Mr. Chauffeur Limousine & Concierge with the maintenance of his company’s website, as well as to design and produce other forms of marketing collateral.