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We build user-friendly and conversion-focused websites that improve your business

Website Design & Development in Singapore

An effective website needs to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. To achieve this, we incorporate User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), and Information Architecture (IA), into all of our web design and development projects. These principles have been designed to make your visitors linger on your website for longer periods of time, which increases the chance of converting them.

The Importance of  Web Design

As technology continues to advance, web design has become increasingly important across all industries. An aesthetic and appealing website builds trust with your potential and existing customers. It creates credibility for your business or company. Having a website is no longer an option; it’s a necessity.

However, there are several key factors that distinguish an effective web design from one that’s merely average or even sub-par. Here are several elements that form the foundation of a professional website:


  • Strong Brand Identity
    A consistent brand identity creates a stronger impression amongst your visitors, improving brand recall and top-of-mind awareness for your business.
  • Strategic Call-to-Actions
    Call-to-actions need to be used carefully and sparingly to prevent your website visitors from being burnt out. It’s important to use these compelling captions to spur your visitors to perform actions that escalate gradually in terms of difficulty.
  • Concise Navigation Structure
    Implementing information architecture into a web design allows users to navigate from page-to-page with a lot more ease. It takes user behaviour into consideration to encourage them to stay on your website for as long as possible.
  • User-oriented Interface
    Websites need to be designed with the user in mind to enhance their overall experience.

Our Process

Most people tend to believe that designing and developing a website from scratch can be extremely complicated. With Ignitive as your guide, we’ll take you through our simple project management process.


  1. Project Initiation
    Upon contacting Ignitive, a discussion in the form of a phone call or a short meet-up at your convenience will be set up to discuss the needs of your web design and development project. Once we have a better understanding of what is required, a quotation along with a timeline and a few other related documents will be sent for your approval. Upon your confirmation, we will commence working on your project.
  2. Design & Content
    We will incorporate your graphical assets along with our resources and expertise to produce a high resolution mock up for your approval. During this phase, our team sifts through hundreds of potential ideas to form your website’s information architecture and user interface.
  3. Web Design & Development
    Once the design and content have been finalised and approved, our team of expert developers will transpose the design into a functional prototype that’s hosted temporarily on our servers. You will be granted access to test it on your own and track the progress of your project.
  4. Testing & Validation
    You will be given complete access to test and validate all functions and features of your website before launch. All of our web design projects undergo a stringent testing process to ensure the absence of bugs or mistakes.
  5. Project Launch & Deployment
    Finally, the day that you’ve been waiting for! Your website is migrated into your own servers and made live for the world to see. This stage will include having backup and recovery procedures set up, along with other host-related essentials.
  6. Post-launch Support
    Majority of our clients enter a website maintenance retainer contract with us, packaged with other digital marketing services such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). This solidifies the success of your business’ online presence.