Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We rely on strategic keyword bidding and effective advertise copy to reach the right audience and increase click-through rates

Search Engine Marketing in Singapore

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become far more important to introduce long-term sustainability and safeguard your business’ online presence. With more and more people relying on Google to search for information, products, and service providers, many businesses have turned to SEM to maintain an edge over their competitors.

Finding Success With Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Performing search engine marketing includes so much more than just buying and writing an ad on Google AdWords. You could be potentially throwing thousands of precious marketing dollars every year by simply not adhering to fundamental SEM princples. Here are a few of the elements that shape a successful search engine marketing campaign:

  • Situation Analysis
    Prior to the commencement of every search engine marketing campaign, Ignitive performs its due diligence to understand the landscape that your business is operating in. This includes setting KPIs and understanding the inner-workings of your potential clients and industry.
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimisation
    Directing your visitors to your website’s homepage is rarely the most effective way of generating leads, especially if your website has not been optimised for conversions. This allows plenty of exit points for your visitors, leading to an increase in your costs-per-click (CPCs) and a decrease in leads generated. We assist you with creating a new landing page or modifying an existing one to maximise conversions and provide your with an improved return on your investment.
  • Tweaking and Reporting
    We actively split test advertising copy, different variations of landing pages, and keyword bids to find the best converting campaign for your business. All of this information is reported back to you for both our accountability and your sense of security.

Sustainable Search Engine Marketing

SEM can be time-consuming and money-draining if you don’t have the expertise and knowledge to manage your SEM campaigns. Our clients engage us to perform SEM for generating new leads and improving their revenue figures.