TAT Connects Pte Ltd

Building credibility with an aesthetic and professional website




TAT Connects Pte Ltd is a a reputable solutions provider for structured cabling, IT infrastructure, and other related sectors. The company was challenged with establishing a sustainable digital presence, and were in need of a professional corporate website to position themselves as thought leaders and figures of authority within their industry. Given the B2B-oriented nature of the client, it was vital to create a website targeted towards the palettes and preferences of business owners.

Ignitive was engaged by the company to produce a corporate website that exuded a strong sense of professionalism and legitimacy. IT infrastructure is an industry comprising of traditional companies, most of which have yet to fully explore the potential that digital marketing has to offer. Equipping the client with an aesthetic, professional, and modern web design will allow them to exploit this market gap.

The website was furnished with the strategic placement of contact information for website visitors to find. In order to cater to the client’s brand identity, the use of blue and orange were included in the website’s primary colour scheme. Consistent branding is a fundamental component in any corporate web design project; it is vital for companies to develop and emphasise on their identities in order to be impressionable in today’s competitive market.

Modern web elements were included the website to present it in a more impressive fashion, such as use the use of parallax scrolling and automated number counters. These features introduce interactivity and engagement, transforming the static display of an ordinary website into a dynamic and engaging marketing tool.

User experience is yet another vital component in the development of the client’s website. Responsiveness was incorporated into the client’s website as an effort to comply with present day requirements for a website that’s mobile-friendly. The end product was a clean, lightweight website that was both functional and elegant across all devices, regardless of size. It is through the combination of user experience design elements, concepts of content hierarchy, and strategic planning that led to the success of this corporate website project.

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