NuovoLink Pte Ltd

Building a clean catalogue website for a systems integrator





NuovoLink Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based Systems Integrator and IT Consultancy firm providing companies with innovative Solutions in Information Technology. The client was challenged by its young stature and recency to the industry. In order to make a respectable impact and penetrate both online and offline markets, the company wanted a corporate website design that showcases its expertise and capabilities. The ultimate goal for this project was to create an impressionable branded experience, leveraging on various content assets.

The organisation tasked Ignitive to create a catalogue based website to present their various forms of products, solutions, and useful media in an organised and tasteful fashion. Granted the overwhelming amount of information, organising the website’s content was a priority for this project, and was what led to the overall success of this interactive catalog website design.

The website was furnished with various customised functions to add elements of interactivity and a modern aesthetic approach. A library of useful marketing videos was created for the client’s visitors to absorb and consume. The idea revolves around encouraging visitors to spend more time on the company’s website long enough to be converted. This strategy was implemented by furnishing visitors with a compelling amount of information, including rich product descriptions and specifications, and informative videos that describe the various functions of the company’s products.

Professionalism is an important attribute that the client wanted to portray to visitors, resulting in a very clean-looking website. White space was used carefully to emphasise on captivating forms of media and other important information. The website’s navigation was kept simple with the use of drop down menus to create navigational ease.

The project was completed with numerous interactive features that have led to the overall success of the company’s website. This includes automated video sliders, a fully responsive website design, and a highly detailed and comprehensive product catalog. All of these features were effortlessly integrated through the employment of user experience design practices.

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