JB Oilfield Services

Gearing up an oilfield consultancy to take the industry by storm







JB Oilfield Services is a Singapore-based oil and gas consultancy firm that provides clients with innovative manufacturing process optimisation solutions. The founder of the company is a renowned and respected thought leader in the industry. The company was challenged with presenting its solutions and services in a concise and compelling fashion.

The company engaged Ignitive to create a corporate website based on a user-friendly and intuitive content management system (CMS) for their staff to add simple updates to the website’s content. Aesthetics and a minimalistic approach were adopted to fit the client’s brand identity. Despite the lack of textual content and information, the project’s emphasis was shifted away from detailed information to the creation of a corporate website that paints a story through vivid imagery.

The website was furnished with an appointment booking form and designed with practicality in mind to provide site visitors with a simple method to book consultations. Content hierarchy was taken into careful consideration to present both useful and important information to visitors.

Ignitive continues to work closely with JB Oilfield Services to maintain their corporate website.

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