Submitting your business information to local business directories is one of the most fundamental techniques for SEO. With our world becoming increasingly connected, directories might have become obsolete. However, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect them either. They’re a great source for free traffic, and they provide some pretty decent backlinks for your website to boot. If you follow this list religiously and diligently submit your business’ information to every single one of the directories mentioned below, there’s a good chance that your Google rankings are going to increase as well.

What are Singapore Business Directories?

Directories are essentially websites where you can search for local businesses that are neatly categorised in accordance to the nature of their business. Although people mostly search for businesses through Google and other search engines these days, directories still provide a good amount of value.

Here’s how it works. Listing your business in business directories signals to Google the legitimacy of your business. This means that the more directory submissions Google manages to index, the more it’ll recognise your business as a real entity with a certain amount of authority. No one knows the exact algorithm, but there’s no doubt that directory submissions play a fundamental role.

It’s important to note that there are business directories in Singapore that are free, and others which are paid. Since we’re all about keeping costs low, we’ll do our best to avoid the paid directories.

The Shortcut For Submitting To Singapore Directories

Unless you can type at the speed of 200 words per minute, manually typing our your business’ information for each individual submission is going to take FOREVER. So, before you start going all trigger happy on the list of business directories below, you should definitely read this first.

Business directories in Singapore generally require the following information:

  • Name of your business/company
  • Contact details (e-mail and/or phone number)
  • Registration number
  • Registered address
  • Description of your business/company
  • A small logo (best to keep it in .jpeg and around 200px)

The above set of information is what SEO’s like to call “NAP”, which stands for “Name”, “Address”, and “Phone Number”. These are the three main elements required for any directory submission or local citation. Keeping this information consistent across your submissions will improve your website’s overall local SEO value.

Now, pull up an excel file and let’s get cranking! If you haven’t figured it out, we’re going to be doing a whole lot copying and pasting. It’s going to halve the time you’ll initially take to go through the entire list of business directories. You’re welcome.

Take some time to get your excel sheet ready. Don’t worry, this page isn’t going anywhere. Pull it up again when you’re done!

Once you’ve filled up all that information, do not (and I repeat, DO NOT) manually fill up any of the fields. Apart from being a short cut, the copying and pasting method also helps to keep information consistent throughout each directory submission. This will help Google in recognising your business’ information as true.

Here’s The List of Singapore Business Directories

1. Yelu DA19 FREE

2. ST Directory DA48 FREE

3. Singapore Business Directory DA30 FREE

4. Time Business Directory DA22 FREE

5. Kompass DA69 FREE

6. eGuide DA37 FREE

7. The Green Book DA40 FREE

8. SME Tool Kit DA55 FREE

9. inSing DA50 FREE

10. Angloinfo DA55 FREE

11. Yalwa DA29 FREE

12. Enter Singapore DA29 FREE

13. SingaporeBizDir DA12 FREE

14. Sima Pages DA32 FREE

15. Singapore SME DA18 FREE

16. Singapore Mirror DA35 FREE

17. Green Page DA6 FREE

18. Singapore Advice DA17 FREE

19. Service Basket DA19 FREE

20. Tuugo DA19 FREE

21. Hotfrog DA29 FREE

22. Singapore Expats DA48 FREE

23. ZipLeaf DA34 FREE

24. Express Business Directory DA36 FREE

25. Singapore Spot DA20 FREE

26. Yelp DA57 FREE

27. Directory-SG DA6 FREE

28. Grow Business DA1 FREE

Done? Here’s what else you need to know

First off, don’t drive yourself insane by checking for any changes in your rankings instantly. Google’s going to take its time to crawl and index your fresh directory listings, so don’t expect to see any changes until a couple of weeks later at the very least.

You also probably noticed this column titled DA, or “Domain Authority” in the list above. I’m only explaining it here because I didn’t want you to skip any of those submissions. Each legitimate backlink that you get holds good SEO value. Basically, the higher the site’s domain authority, the higher the amount of trust and authority is awarded to the website. PR, or PageRank, is its outdated equivalent, which is why we only included DA.

But apart from that, you’ll probably see a pretty nice surge in traffic as well. After all, the people visiting these business directories are more than likely to be business owners like yourself. Which means to say that you would have left a nice set of digital footprints for other business owners to be aware of your company’s website at worst.